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Subnautica Best Plants to Grow

Unlike many other open-world games, Subnautica is purely based on survival and action-adventure theme. It is published and developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The best part of this game is that it allows you to explore the ocean planet of alien named 4546B freely. The game starts when the spaceship crashes on the alien planet, and the Aurora crashes on the planet’s surface.

What are the Key Takeaways of Subnautica?

It is the game that uncovers the mysteries awaiting you. With so many things to explore and mission based on investigating abandoned areas alongside creature behaviours and Subnautica Best Plants to Grow, all these things make this game a worthwhile play. Here are some key takeaways of this game:

  • It allows you to dig into the mysteries of 4546B with new base detailing and character portraits.
  • You can decorate your base with new props and stairs of the surface.
  • Newly updated Deep Lilypads and Iceberg Zone
  • New Creature Behaviours and Rock Puncture Improvements
  • Showcase Interactacble Items

Now comes to the central part, for which you have clicked open this article, Subnautica Best Plants to Grow.

Most useful/Subnautica Best Plants to Grow plants?

No doubt about it merely doing some submerged/underwater planting and considering what to add to my nursery?

Found Creepvine is staggeringly valuable for lubricant and synthetic filaments/fibres just as a light source, yet what different plants would it be advisable for you to include your underwater nursery? Acid Shrooms for batteries?

Additionally, what looks pleasant? Something that looks beautiful to make my base shimmer? Sure, you might be attempting to endure alone on a threatening outsider planet; however, that doesn’t mean you can’t invest wholeheartedly in the presence of your base, isn’t that right?

Each survivor needs the interest to keep morale up and keep in mind that punching sharks in a prawn suit can be a good time. You need an outlet for your more masterful side and figured submerged cultivating would work!

Likewise, over the ground plants? Are melons useful for food however, something else I should observe?

Everyone grows plants in Subnautica based on their strategy and liking or most likely needs. Here is the list of both underwater and In base plants that we found most useful to grow in Subnautica with their key characteristics.

In-base plants:

  • Fern palm (decorative – place in floor pots)
  • Bulbo tree (decorative – place in floor pots)
  • Voxel shrub (decorative – place in wall planters)
  • Lantern tree (food – fast-growing)
  • Chinese potato plant (food – high nutrients, low water)
  • Marblemelon (food – high nutrients, high water, requires replanting and wears down knives)
  • Ming plant (decorative – place in floor pots)

Underwater plants:

  1. Regress shell (decorative)
  2. Gabe’s feather (decorative)
  3. Spotted dock leaf (decorative)
  4. Violet beau (decorative)
  5. Ghost weed (decorative)
  6. Creepvine (silicone rubber, lubricant, fibre mesh)
  7. Blood vine (benzene)
  8. Acid Mushrooms (batteries)
  9. Deep Mushrooms (hydrochloric acid)
  10. Spore sack (aerogel)


Subnautica Best Plants to Grow, well, it’s a never-ending discussion. Because some people love to grow plants that support survival, and some prefer the plants that help in keeping players secure. We have covered almost all the useful plants to grow in Subnautica. I hope you will find what you find most useful.

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