Sweet Potato Tempura Roll

This Sweet Potato Tempura Roll is one of the easiest dishes that you can make. It will quickly tantalize your taste buds because of its delicious flavor and texture.

As vegan is the new food normal, I have come up with an idea to try three plant-based sushi alternatives that will tantalize your tastebuds. The best one is that tantalize your tastebuds and delicious is Sweet Potato Tempura Roll.

Crunchy veggies filled with sweet and delicious vegan cream cheese alongside sweet potato tempura take this roll to the next level. And the creamy avocado layers on top of it make it even tastier. You can make this Sweet Potato Tempura Roll in one go, and it will become your absolute favorite dish, packed with flavors and health benefits, making it the best of both worlds. I already have made this gem of a recipe a few times by now and can’t have enough of it. That’s why I’m sure that you will adore it too. And the cherry on top, these rolls are perfectly based on my plant-based sushi experimentation, making it a must-have recipe for vegan food lovers, who can’t eat meat-based sushi.

How to make Sweet Potato Tempura Roll at home?

How to make Sweet Potato Tempura Roll at home?
How to make Sweet Potato Tempura Roll at home?

As we all know, making sushi at home is a daunting task, and the step that makes it even worst is its preparation. First of all, cook the rice and then season them after letting them cool down. Then prepare veggie fillings and keep everything neat and beautiful for when you are ready to start rolling.

So my advice to make it a bit more comfortable is to purchase a rice cooker. It takes a lot of effort out of it and makes steps much more straightforward. You just need to wash the entire thing, add the water and press one button alongside adding seasoning and voila, and boom you are all set to have boiled rice for Sweet Potato Tempura Roll without any hassle.

I’m confident in case you’re rice highbrow snot there are considerable contrasts in quality however actually any modest rice cooker from your nearest machine store will do!

If you ever want to cook or make this Sweet Potato Tempura Roll at home, let me know. Leave a comment and let us know which phase you find most interesting. We see what you cooked, Peace.

Ingredients and Cooking time of Sweet Potato Tempura Roll!

As I mentioned earlier that these rolls are one of the easiest sushi dishes to make, so you only need one hour to make it from scratch.

  • Preparation Time of Raw Ingredients: 30 Minutes
  • Cook Time of Prepared Ingredients: 30 Minutes
  • Total Time: 1 Hour

Now let’s come to the core part. I am talking about Ingredients. To make Sweet Potato Tempura Roll.

You need:

  1. Black Jasmine Rice: 100g
  2. Sushi Rice: 100g
  3. Rice Vinegar: 4 Tbsp
  4. Salt: As per Taste
  5. Maple Syrup: 1 Tsp
  6. Sweet Potato: 1 Medium, Peeled and Sliced
  7. Breadcrumbs: 1/4 Cup
  8. Cup Flour: 1/4
  9. Garlic Powder: 1/2 tsp
  10. Salt: As per taste
  11. Almond Milk: 1/3 Cup

Adds On:

  1. Avocado: 1, Half for Filling, Half for Coating
  2. Cucumber: 1 Small
  3. Carrot: 1 Small

Instructions of Cooking

  1. First of all, follow the instructions on the package to cook sushi rice and let cool down to room temperature.
  2. Peel and slice potatoes into fine strips. Make sure to preheat your oven to 175 degrees. Use parchment paper to line a baking sheet in it. Take one bowl and add breadcrumbs, flour, salt, and spices and mix it finely.
  3. Now dip each sweet potato strop into almond milk, then the mixture we prepared then milk, and again into the mixture we prepared and transfer strips onto the baking sheet with care. Now, bake these strips for half an hour until they become crispy outside and soft inside.
  4. Get ready the veggies for the filling. Cut the avocado and carrot and cucumber in fine cuts.
  5. Take a large portion of a nori sheet and spot it on a bamboo mat. Add half a cup of the sushi rice on top and push down with gentle hands.
  6. Mindfully turn the nori sheet around, so the unfilled side looks upward. Take your filling (carrot, cucumber, sweet potato, and cream cheddar) next level and use the bamboo tangle to climb the sushi roll like never before.
  7. Take the avocado cuts then carefully spread avocado cuts on the top of the sushi roll. Find a bit of food film or food sheet to cover the roll. Utilize the bamboo tangle to tenderly press the avocado fit as a fiddle, at that point evacuate the plastic foil and cut it into cuts.

The Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

The Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potatoes
The Nutritional Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Who said potato is just about french fries and sticks? Sweet potatoes, also known as yams, are a root vegetable native to South America. Sweet potatoes should be a healthy addition to any holiday or regular feast. They are rich in nutrients and delicious!

  • Nutritional Benefits of the Sweet Potato
  • High in Fiber.
  • Rich in complex carbohydrates.
  • High in beta carotene.
  • Contains vitamins C and B6.
  • May stabilize blood sugar levels and lower insulin resistance—a beneficial food for diabetes.

A 1992 study by the Center For Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) found that the sweet potato is a healthy vegetable, with the potato coming in second.

Sweet potato has many culinary uses. Personally, I love sweet potato fries.

Sweet potatoes are an essential vegetable to include in your diet. There are so many dishes to experiment with that, and one of them is Sweet Potato Tempura Roll.

It would be fantastic if you ever run out of meal ideas that include the sweet potato. They are easy to prepare and so enjoyable, you forget you are eating your vegetables!

I hope you find this article really interesting. If you are vegan and love to eat healthy sushis, this article is nothing short of a blessing for you. Follow us to get more amazing recipes around green food.


We are making an effort to eat more sweet potatoes because they are so fiber-rich, healthful, colorful, and packed with everything. which is not surprising given the name, but I believe that when used in savory dishes, sweet potatoes need assistance in taming down that sweet intensity.

These sweet potato rolls are made with umami-rich nori sheets, crispy oven-baked sweet potatoes, and chewy brown rice. They make a fantastic vegan sushi roll dish that is simple to make at home.

The naturally candied flavor of the sweet potatoes harmonies wonderfully with the salty, crispy panko coating. Additionally, breading the sweet potato with panko results in a roll that is healthier but still has a taste and texture similar to a traditional sweet potato tempura roll.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A tempura sweet roll contains how many calories?

A six-piece sushi roll made with sweet potato tempura can have between 105 and 277 calories. A six-piece California sushi roll, in contrast, can have up to 400 calories.
A tempura sweet roll contains how many calories?

But is tempura healthy if you’re trying to lose weight?

Due to the fact that the vegetables in tempura are deeply fried, this dish has a high-fat content and a lot of calories. although tempura is unquestionably not regarded as being healthy.

Why is tempura superior to fried food?

Tempura is better than other fried foods. Compared to other frying techniques, it utilizes less fat and no bread crumbs. The main ingredients of the batter are beaten eggs, flour, and cold water. Spices, oil, or starch may occasionally be added.
Why is tempura superior to fried food?

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