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The military is known for its bravery, strength, discipline, patriotism, and so many other things.

One hidden aspect that everybody should know about the military is their bed-making skills. Yeah, you heard it right, even being a military person, you have to inspect to make your beds tight and perfect in certain conditions.

Besides your fitted sheet, top sheet, and matters, if you get your hands on a long-handled wooden spoon, it will be beneficial. But to have one is not a necessary thing. So let’s start digging The Quickest Way To Make A Bed According To The Military without wasting any further time.

The Quickest Way To Make A Bed According To The Military [Quick Overview]

Step 1:

The very first step to making a military bed is pretty simple. Tuck your fitted sheet onto your mattress. The only thing you need to make sure of in the first step is the fitting of the elastic corner of the fitted sheet. Make sure elastic corners are not only tucked around the mattress corners but completely tucked under the mattress. This will not only make the fitted sheet spread evenly but less likely to come undone.

Step 2:

Are you done with the first step? Now all you need to grab your top sheet. Lay the top sheet properly over the fitted sheet with the head of the sheet adjusting impeccably with the head of the sleeping cushion. You likewise need to ensure that the sheet hangs uniformly over the two sides of the bedding.

Step 3:

To tuck in the top sheet, start at the bottom of the bed. You will take care of the lower part of the sheet totally underneath the sleeping cushion. You can lift the lower part of the sleeping pad to do as such.

If you can’t lift the sleeping pad, this is the place the wooden spoon can prove to be useful. You can utilize the wooden spoon to fold the sheet under the bedding. In any case, you need to ensure the sheet lays the level between the sleeping cushion and the box springs.

Up until this point, the bed making process has been like the number of individuals make their bed. It is the subsequent stages that will make a more tight fit for your bed.

Step 4:

Now it’s time to tuck the remaining of the top sheet tightly under the mattress. You will stop tucking in once you are about a foot away from the top of the bed. To make a tight edge, you will want to fold down the top sheet.

This method isn’t only for tightness but also for a good impression.

Step 5:

Rehash the cycle for the opposite side of the bed, ensuring the sheet is tight all through the whole process.

Whenever this is finished, you will have the ideal bed that could pass military investigation. Presently you can include your cushions, sofa, or cover that goes over your sheets.

This will make it even easy for you to jump right into bed for a comfortable sleep.

Your Practical Guide on How to Build Military/Bunk Beds

Bunk beds provide efficient and cost-saving ways to maximize bedroom space. They are commonly found in places that offer accommodations to a large group of people, such as dormitories, military schools, and commercial and military ships.

In private homes, bunk beds are also becoming a common thing, particularly in prominent families. The recent economic crisis has forced families to make the most out of available space in their bedroom. Bunk beds have given more room for putting more other furniture such as closet, computer tables, or another bed.

Step 1:

However, if you are considering this for your children, it is essential to be extra careful and ensure the safety and security of your children. You need to ensure that it has passed safety standards and certified by the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). Likewise, purchase your bed from an establishment that strictly complies with the guidelines of the ASTM, such as precision in the positioning of guard rails.

Another option available to you is to learn how to build bunk beds. When you opt for this option, you need to be familiar with the required specifications. Avoid taking shortcuts as this could endanger the safety and security of your children. Avoid making the mistake of buying a wrong-sized mattress. The right dimension should be not greater than three inches in all directions. More than that and your child could be at risk of being trapped between the frame and mattress.

Step 2:

Another critical step is to make sure that the proportions are right. The child sleeping in the bottom bunk should have sufficient space for their head. Likewise, the lower bunk must be able to sustain your weight without compromising anything. Learning how to build it is not that difficult. The important thing is to read all the directions in the manual before proceeding with the construction of the bunk bed.

Step 3:

If you opt to buy a ready-made bed, see to it that it comes from a reputable online retailer of high-quality furniture. The safety of your child or other individuals should be the primary concern of these dealers, so make sure that the product is safe and well-built. Check the guard rails and ladder. These are areas where your manufacturer should primarily ensure good craftsmanship.

As mentioned, learning how to build bunk beds entails that you follow the instructions in the manual to the letter. As a parent, you need to emphasize the safety of your child, so following the assembly instructions is one way of securing your child’s safety.

What Should You Consider Before Buying A Bunk Bed For Your Family?

Sharing a room is usually not something most kids look forward to, which is often a source of tension and discord for the whole family. Because of this reality, one of the most important decisions a family can make is to select the right bunk bed that will make everyone happy. The key to choosing the perfect bed is to assess your home and your family’s needs carefully.


An essential factor in selecting a bunk bed is determining how much you are willing to or can afford to spend. While everybody loves a great deal, keep in mind that your children will be sleeping on this bed-so make sure that you don’t sacrifice safety and quality just because the price is (seemingly) right. This means you should look at all the beds that fit in your price range and compare beds according to material, size, and style.

Age Group

The age of your children is another factor you should think about when choosing a bunk bed. Is there a big age and size difference between the bunkmates? In those cases, it makes sense to shop for twin over full bunk beds, which is perfect for accommodating growing bodies. Depending on your kids’ size, you can also opt for a twin over twin bunk bed or a full over full bunk bed.

Home Decor

Whatever bunk bed you choose should always fit your home’s decor. This means that you should pay attention to the material and style of the bunk bed. Bunk beds, either wood or metal, can come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and finishes-so finding one that won’t look out of place in your home should be comfortable as long as you go to a furniture store that offers a large variety.

Let Your Children to Make a Decision

In addition to matching your home’s overall interior design, it’s a good idea to let your children have some input when you’re making your selection. Style advantages are depending on the material you choose. Metal bunks are available in a wider variety of colors, such as red, blue, and yellow, which is ideal for children with bolder tastes. Wooden beds are perfect for children who prefer a more timeless, classic look, which is also more likely to match the rest of your home.


It’s important to remember that the material is an essential component of the price and durability of the bunk bed. Generally, wooden is more expensive than metal. A well-made metal bed can last as long as a wooden one, but usually wooden bunks tend to be sturdier. Because metal beds are often painted whereas wooden beds typically come in various stains and finishes, it could be said that metal bunks tend to lose their looks faster. However, the advantage of metal (besides the lower price and broader color palette) is that they are generally lighter and more comfortable to move.


How much space you need should always be taken into account when you select a bed. Some bunks are made to maximize as much available space as possible, which is perfect for families who don’t have space but need the benefits of additional bedroom furniture. Need to make room for an occasional guest? You can get a bunk bed with a trundle, so you have the room you need without permanently taking up precious space. Perhaps your children need a desk or extra drawers, but the available space in the room is minimal. Some beds come with built-in drawers or desks or even ones that have built-in desks and drawers.


Last but not least, don’t forget to consider versatility when you make your final decision. Children grow fast, which means that needs and tastes can change before you know it. Beds that can be disassembled and used as separate beds are ideal for the changing needs of any family. This is perfect for kids who feel they are ready for their bed, and for their parents who’d rather leave room in their budget for other things instead of a new bed.

As long as you take care to consider your family’s needs and keep your budget in mind, finding the perfect bed for your family shouldn’t be a problem.

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