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A web browser is, without any doubt, one of the most used software or application, no matter on a desktop or smartphone. We use a web browser, even every hour. A web browser opens the doors of our favorite websites, live applications, and online entertainment.

When it comes to browsers, there is no competition. It is one of those browsers packed with a minimalist user interface then anyone can get familiar with the first glance.

But under its skin, it comes packed with intuitive features hidden that can skyrocket your browsing experience on the Internet. All of these features are intuitive and make your browsing experience productive with saving time and increasing your efficiency.

Things You Didn’t Know Google Chrome Could Do

Below we have put some of the best things you didn’t know google chrome could do. Enjoy Reading!

1. Access Website that is down or Not Available

Not able to access is a common issue that anyone can face. We all have come across this issue once in a while. It’s when you enter something in the address bar of Google Chrome to get your hands on some vital information, but it says it is down or not accessible. The most errors that people may face is Dns Probe Finished Bad Config. You might not know that, but Google Chrome still gives you access to the website even it’s not working at a particular time. But you won’t be available to download anything from it because of the textual information on the website. Put cache: URL of the website to open any inaccessible website’s textual form to open it.

2. Voice Search

Assume you are composing something for your examination paper while perusing through the data on your program. It may get a touch of baffling following a couple of moments as you type and compose over and over.

Indeed, what you cannot deny is that Chrome has a voice search feature inbuilt even though it is a mobile-only function, yet some additional items empower this usefulness on Chrome’s desktop form.

3. Generate Super Secure Passwords

Almost every other website or application requires you to have an account these days to use their services. The issue here is that you can’t keep track of every website’s credentials for you or your account. Using the same password or account identity for every website can also be risky.

But here, aging Google Chrome eases our lives with its inbuilt password generating functionality. This feature not only allows you to generate unique and strong passwords, but you can also save them over Chrome for later usage. To enable this fantastic feature, type Chrome://flags in the address bar. Now go for enable-password generation, and boom, you have found one of the most amazing Things You Didn’t Know Google Chrome Could Do.

4. Live Website Translation

At times our exploration takes us to an unfamiliar site that is totally in an alternate language. It isn’t easy to comprehend what is composed or written on the website.

Chrome has an inbuilt feature to decipher or translate the website pages progressively live on your screen. At whatever point you visit a site in an alternate language, just head to the location. There will be a choice to translate into your local language.

5. Drag and Drop

Assume you peruse through a site and found an energizing article that you need to pursue later. Well, with only one straightforward drag, you can’t keep it in your bookmark so you can peruse it afterward.

Just drag the connection of the article or page to your bookmark bar, and it’s finished. The equivalent can be utilized while utilizing Google Drive and Gmail, and you can undoubtedly drag and drop to transfer documents and connections.

Top 3 Benefits of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a free browser made by the internet giant company, Google. You may want to know why I suggest using this browser more than other web browsers out there. Here are my top benefits of using it as your preferred web browser software.

Benefit #1: Starts faster than the others.


Google Chrome starts faster than Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. The front interface in its current window may be simple, but you will notice how fast this browser can run when you use it for several weeks. This browser starts in 1 or 2 seconds after clicking its icon, while Mozilla Firefox starts in 3 or 4 seconds.

Benefit #2: One-click web surfing.

Apart from using your Bookmark list to go into the webpage, you love to read. You can use Google Chrome to open up any webpage you want only by a mouse click. Using the New Tab function, you can go to any web page without typing the web address and without searching for the web page via any search engine.

Benefit #3: Personal safety while browsing the world wide web.

The Internet is vast and full of many attacks unknowingly dangerous to your computer and your data stored in the hard drive. This browser makes your browsing more secure with its Phishing and Malware protection.

Any malware stays hidden in your computer will surely damage your data, change the registry’s internal code, and slow down your internet connection—most computer virus designed to attack users via Internet Explorer.

If you prefer speed more than function in a web browser, I suggest you use Google Chrome.

It is a fast web browser, from my experience using it several weeks ago. The closest rival is Opera, which browsing speed, tools, settings, and features are much alike.

Hidden Google Chrome Extension for SEO you didn’t know about

It was inevitable and undeniable that Google would eventually release its web browser, but the steadily-growing success of Google Chrome took even the staunchest advocates by surprise. With more than 12% of internet users now using Chrome, it has become the browser of choice for many power users. As a result, several beneficial plug-ins have been created for Chrome, including many highly relevant SEO professionals. What follows is a sampling of the most useful.

Chrome SEO

Without a doubt, the most comprehensive SEO tool available for Google Chrome, Chrome SEO offers several features that help speed up SEO. Chrome SEO has some innovative and dazzling features, such as highlighting all no-follow links on a page, allowing webmasters to quickly and easily see whether sites they link to are linking back.

Chrome SEO also has easy and straightforward access to cached versions of a webpage; full domain information including Whois, IP, DNS, etc.; the number of pages indexed on a site; traffic and rankings on significant engines; a robust keyword research tool; social bookmarking data; and backlinks from a page. Chrome SEO uses Ask, Bing, Alexa, Digg, Dmoz, Google, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Yahoo, and more, making it one of the most comprehensive suites for any browser.

Best of all, as with many new or old Google Chrome Extensions, Chrome SEO is continuously updated. New features are added every few weeks. The developer is highly receptive to feedback from the SEO community, making it likely this extension will remain relevant for some time to come.

Meta SEO Inspector

A highly-functional, handy tool for displaying meta information, the Meta SEO Inspector is seamless and can significantly speed up analyzing pages for SEO. The extension shows the head title, meta tags, XFN tags, microformats, no-follow links, scripts, and other crucial information. Although being able to see this information all in one place is very useful. The Meta SEO Inspector’s best feature is its warning system: if tags are too short or too long, or if tags are improperly formatted, it throws up a red flag. This helps webmasters ensure their metadata is optimized for Google, increasing search engine relevance with a minimum of time investment.

Link Grabber

Although not explicitly an SEO tool, Link Grabber is one of the fastest, most usable Google Chrome extensions that webmasters will likely find themselves using for SEO. The extension takes every single link on a page, opens a new tab, and generates a page with a list of all of the links on it. It’s an incredibly fast way to see how many links a page has and see where they lead.

SEO Quake

This is an extension for Google Chrome that any SEO-driven webmaster who was also a Firefox user will be well acquainted with. SEO Quake is one of the most popular SEO extensions for Firefox, and its Chrome version replicates all of its many features. A top bar includes a wealth of SEO data, including no-follow links, Google PageRank, inbound links, Alexa rank, page age, link density, and more.


The above article talks about some features, benefits, and extensions unknown to most Google users. We have put this article “Things You Didn’t Know Google Chrome Can Perform” together to give people a glimpse of the true potential of Google Chrome.

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