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You can’t go with the stardom of the phrase “Netflix and Chill.” However, the connectivity issues and recent errors while streaming on Netflix shattered its image in seconds. While using Netflix, you may encounter with TVQ Details Menu 100 error. Many users have reported about this TVQ Details Menu 100 error, and it has been seen as many devices as well.

In today’s article, we will help you to get rid of this error so you can stream your favorite movies, shows, and season on Netflix without any hindrance.

What is TVQ Details Menu 100?

No doubt like everyone else, you would also be eager to know about this error and the reasons behind it. It is nothing more than a connectivity problem and most Netflix errors occurred due to bad connectivity problems. This may be the reason behind this error that you are running Netflix on a bad network that prevents your device from streaming on Netflix.

How to Fix “Netflix has encountered an Error, Code: tvq-and-100.”


We will be going to specify the general troubleshooting process that has worked for many devices. If you are using a console like PlayStation or Xbox, then you have to follow a different procedure to fix this error.

For the rest of the users, they can follow the following process to get rid of this error in no time to enjoy their streams on Netflix.

Method/Solution No. 1: Restart Your Device


I know that you do not like it when your Netflix begins to develop specific problems, especially when they are strange to you and you sometimes do not know what to do. The TVQ Details Menu 100 error can deny you the privilege of enjoying your favorite shows on your Netflix, and this most definitely can be very frustrating.

But don’t worry; this simple trick of restarting your device has worked for many users.

Restarting your device is a piece of cake. It is an easy task, but for all those who find it a little tricky, can get a lot of help over the internet.

Restarting your device may sound bonkers, but it is the easiest way of troubleshooting this problem to fix connectivity issues. It does not matter what device you are using to stream on Netflix. You only need to unplug it from the power then press it from the power button for at least a minute. Now you need to plug it back and switch it on.

Relaunch your Netflix app to see if the error has fixed for you or not? If not, don’t worry, it is just started, we have plenty of solutions and methods to fix this problem.

Method/Solution No. 2: Restart Your Home Network

TVQ Details Menu 100

A home network can many times be helped by merely turning it off and restarting it. When your home network is turned off and then turned back on, it will give it a fresh start. It opens an application without any of the previous files that could have been causing the problem.

More and more of us are adding devices to our home networks – an extra PC for the kids, Xbox or Wii, a media server to store all our music and photos. The need to share music, photos, and videos across all the PCs in your house has never been greater. And never easier, no longer is home networking a dark art. But adding this much burden to a home network can be fatal for some applications like Netflix.

If restarting your Netflix streaming device does not work for you, the problem may be in your home network. This could be due to an excessive amount of devices over the home network, power issue, or something else. To fix all these problems at once, the simples trick is to restart your home network devices.

Go for your router or modem and check if these devices are correctly plugged-in a power source or not? If yes, then all you need is to unplug the devices from the power source and but first turn them off in a proper way.

All you need to do right is to wait for a few minutes and then plug both your modem and router back into the power outlet. Wait until your modem and router properly connect. Relaunch your Netflix application to check if the TVQ Details Menu 100 has fixed for you or not?

Method/Solution No. 3: Sign Out of Netflix and Sign In Back

TVQ Details Menu 100

This may sound crazy, but a simple singing out of Netflix and then signing back in can led you to fix this error forever. All you need to do is open your Netflix application on your device and proceed with the following steps, one by one.

  • Go to the Netflix home screen to sign out.
  • Open the menu from the left side
  • Here you need to go for the settings
  • Now you need to click on the Signout
  • Tap on the Yes icon to confirm the Signout
  • Once you are done with signing out of Netflix, try back to sign back into Netflix after 1 or two minutes.

Method/Solution No. 5: Update Your Netflix App

TVQ Details Menu 100

Mobile application technology has become a double-edged sword in the world. While smart devices and mobile applications have driven productivity within the mobile workforce, they have also created new challenges for many users. The steps below will help you prepare your Netflix to take advantage of the latest updates.

Frequently you will find that your Netflix application gets updated by the creator of the app. Updating your free Netflix smartphone app can help the app experience be better. Either way getting updates is key to making your Netflix application as good as they can be both on Android and iOS devices.

There could be chances that your Netflix applications are not running on its latest version. This can lead you to miss on important updates that can further lead to the TVQ Details Menu 100. So update your Netflix application on its latest version to get rid of unwanted errors to for a seamless streaming experience.

Update Netflix on Your Android Enabled Devices

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android Smartphone
  2. Now go for My Apps section
  3. Here it would help if you searched for Netflix
  4. Tap on the Netflix
  5. Select if there is an option for update
  6. All you need to do is right now to wait until the process finishes. Relaunch your Netflix application to confirm if the error has fixed for you.

Update Netflix on Your iOS Enabled Devices

  1. Open Apple App Store on your iOS Smartphone
  2. Now go for the Profile section
  3. Here it would help if you searched for Netflix
  4. Tap on the Netflix
  5. Select if there is an option for update
  6. All you need to do is right now to wait until the process finishes. Relaunch your Netflix application to confirm if the error has fixed for you.

Update Netflix on Your Windows Enabled Devices

Fixing this TVQ Details Menu 100 error on Windows is as easy as it is for Android and iOS devices. All you need to do is perform the below-given steps to update the Netflix application on your Windows devices. So let’s start it without wasting any further time.

  1. Go for Start Menu
  2. Click on Microsoft Store
  3. Click user on the upper right corner
  4. From the drop-down menu, select Updates
  5. Go for Check for getting Updates/ Updates
  6. Here you need to choose Netflix and wait until the update finishes.
  7. Relaunch Your Netflix Application


That is my workaround on this issue that has worked consistently for many people out there. According to the latest reports and studies we have made. If you receive TVQ Details Menu 100 error, then restart your device first, because this method has worked for many.

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