Seven Unique Traditions in China

1: Winter Solstice Dumplings

Dumplings are one of the most favourite foods of Chinese people. For centuries, it's been a tradition to eat dumplings on the Winter Solstice in this specific region of China.

People packed the restaurants to eat these ear-shaped jiaozi dumplings. These ear-shaped dumplings are eaten in the memory of Nuwa. This tradition has a great story to back it up. According to the tradition, your ears fall off your head by freezing if you would not eat ear-shaped dumplings on Winter Solstice. Isn't this a great tradition backed with a great story?

Winter Solstice Dumplings

2: Two Finger Tea Tap

It's a tradition in China to tap two the table with two fingers when someone refills your cup of tea. This is a way to pay your gratitude towards the person who is filling your cup. This is by far MamaFacts' favourite tradition of China. You do not even need to speak; just tap two fingers on the table, and you are good to go.

Two Finger Tea Tap

3: Wedding Banquets

Chinese weddings are one of the unique weddings on the planet Earth. The best part about any Chinese wedding is their dinner. The dinner of Chinese weddings is not only filled with symbolism but also their traditions. Wedding traditions in China also varies from region to region. One of the unique parts of Chinese wedding dinners is banquets.

Most of the Chinese wedding banquets contain eight meal courses. The first course most likely consists of fish and is prepared for abundance. To symbolize the bride's purity, the second course includes a suckling pig. Banquet also contains a poultry course for unity and peace. Another course consists of sweet lotus seeds for fertility. And to end things on a sweeter note, a toast is made. This toast is a symbol of winning for the groom for winning the hand of his bride. Guests cheer this with roudy "yam seng."

Wedding Banquets

4: Wear Red for Luck

You may have noticed that the Chinese people wear red colour a lot. The red colour in China is considered a colour of life and hope. Even Chinese people prefer to wear red colour suits for their New Year Eve.

Moreover, according to the Yin and Yang theory of China, the red colour indicates Yang. According to Chinese people, red colour can overcome darkness and kill evil spirits. You can avoid the bad luck of Yin easily by wearing the red colour.

Wear Red for Luck

5: Hongbao Giving

Adults place a gift of money into red packets, and this tradition translates into Hongbao. As we discussed earlier, Chinese people consider red colour is the colour of peace and luck. Hongbao tradition is celebrated as a gesture of wishes and goodwill. It's mainly observed during the Chinese New Year. Chinese people believe that the sum of money in the Hongbao packet must be an even number.

Moreover, the only older or married couple gives Hongbao because they are considered adults in this regard. The married couple mostly gives money to their younger siblings, cousins and unmarried.

Hongbao Giving

6: Wearing Red Underwear

This could be the hilarious thing you ever headed off, but this is true. Chinese people wear red coloured underwear not for one day or two but every day during their zodiac birthday year. Chinese people fear that they will have more difficulties and face more troubles in their zodiac year than in different years. To stay away from this disaster, they wear red apparel. In any case, the catch is, someone else should purchase the red dress, and regardless of good luck, sway is essentially diminished.

7: Funeral Money

It may sound weird, but it is a tradition to give condolence money at Chinese Funerals. The measure of money ought to be in a white envelope and should be an odd total that can't also be confined between two people. This infers that one individual will reliably have more than the other. Moreover, the total shouldn't end in nine, as this means 'solid' and nobody needs sturdy wretchedness.