What Are Smartwatches?

Smartwatches are an upgrade from regular watches since they have a ton of features. You can wear a smartwatch every single day since it is just as comfortable as a regular watch. However, it has more features and helps you in different ways, such as connectivity, calling, and fitness.

Nowadays, smartwatches are just as beneficial for kids as they are for adults. Previously, only adults were using smartwatches, especially for business and work. Today, kids are also wearing these watches because of the additional fitness features and much more.

How Can Kids Benefit From Smartwatches?

The trend of wearing smartwatches has caught on and that is why kids also wear them abundantly these days. Along with style and time-telling, smartwatches also have a lot of other benefits for kids:


Childhood obesity is on a rise and it has become a necessity for kids to exercise too. It’s also imperative that kids understand the importance of healthy living from a young age so that they can grow up to be healthy adults.

With a smartwatch on their wrists, kids can keep track of their fitness. For instance, parents can make it a fun activity for kids to count their steps and keep track of them. Most kids these days love sitting on a couch or in bed, playing video games, or watching TV.

However, if you want to promote the habit of walking and running in your kid, you can tell them to wear a smartwatch and look at the step counter every time they come home. In this way, your kid will develop a habit of walking early in their life.

Phone Connection

Sometimes, when your kids are out, you can’t possibly know where they are. Let’s say your kid is out with friends. How will you be able to contact them if there’s ever a need to do so? Fortunately, a smartwatch will connect you to your kid.

You can call your kid on their smartwatch, telling them to come home or learning about their whereabouts. In this way, smartwatches offer parents an excellent way to make sure their kids are safe and always connected to them.


Wearing a watch is a good habit, especially because it makes your kid learn the importance of keeping track of time. As you would have noticed, all popular and successful people tend to wear watches.

So, if your kid starts wearing a smartwatch from a young age, it will develop good lifestyle habits in them.

What To Look For In A Smartwatch For Kids?

When choosing the best waterproof smartwatch for kids, you have to keep a few features in mind. The requirements for grown-ups are quite different from that of kids. That’s why it is essential that you do not overlook some important considerations, such as the ones mentioned below:


Kids are typically not as responsible as adults. Plus, they are always playing around and are prone to breaking things. So, it’s important that you look for a durable watch that will stand the test of time.

Sure enough, you don’t want to spend your money on a watch that gives up in just a few weeks, do you? That’s why you need to make sure that the watch you are buying for your child is made of good quality material so that it can withstand minor wear and tear.


The best waterproof smartwatch for kids should also have some necessary features, such as those important for fitness and connectivity. If the watch does not have these features, there will be no point in wearing it.

You can also ask your child if they have any preferences so that you can help them select the waterproof smartwatch for their needs.


As we have already discussed earlier, kids tend to be careless. So, if you get them a watch that is not water-proof, they might end up damaging it by exposing it to water while washing their hands or playing in the rain.

Therefore, you should invest in a waterproof smartwatch for kids so that it stays functional for a long time even if it is exposed to some degree of moisture.

Can Kids Wear A Smartwatch To School?

Yes, schools don’t normally have a strict policy about kids wearing smartwatches. You can check with the school authorities to make sure if your kid can wear a smartwatch in the school premises.

Some schools might not allow kids to wear smartwatches that have Internet functionality because they can be used for cheating in exams. Also, some schools may not let kids wear smartwatches in class because the social media notifications and other features might distract the kids from their classes.

Thus, you should check with the school policy before making your child wear the waterproof smartwatch for kids to school. If the school doesn’t allow it, that’s nothing to worry about. Your kid can still wear the watch at home and benefit from its many features.

Waterproof Smartwatch for Kids

Our Top Pick For The Best Waterproof Smartwatch For Kids

When looking for the best waterproof smartwatch for kids, we came across many watches but we wanted to make sure that we are choosing something that can help all kids equally.

After careful reviews and selection, we found the perfect waterproof smartwatch for kids and we will go into detail about this watch below. If you are looking for a watch for your kids, this is the one.


Like anything you buy, when you choose a watch for your kids, you have to consider its features since they are the most important thing. The watch we have selected has all the features that your kid can possibly need. Here are some of them:

  • Pedometer: The watch counts your kid’s steps, making them know how much they have walked in the whole day. It develops a good habit of walking in kids from an early age.
  • Timer: Since the watch also has a timer, it can help your kids a lot during studying. For instance, your child can set a timer for the time it will take them to revise a test or answer a practice question.
  • Alarms: Likewise, your kids can also set alarms and reminders on their watch. This is particularly helpful during the exam season when the kids need to be awake at a certain time or have to be reminded about an online class or course.
  • Connects to Phone: As the waterproof smartwatch for kids connects to a phone, you can always stay in touch with your child even when they are not at home.

More importantly, this waterproof smartwatch for kids can withstand a certain degree of moisture. So, if your kid accidentally washes their hands with the watch still on, it will not damage the functionality of the watch.

Also, if your child is playing around and gets sweaty, the sweat will not damage the watch or render it unfunctional.

Suitable Age Group

This waterproof smartwatch for kids is suitable for children going to primary or secondary school. Since it has a sleek design, it can also be worn by high school students. More importantly, it has a ton of features that are ideal for kids of all ages.

Pros & Cons Waterproof Smartwatch for Kids

  • Since this watch is available in black color, it is a good transition from the flashy colors and designs that your kid might have been used to wearing when they were very little. Now, this can be their ‘big person’ watch.
  • The watch has a step counter and some other fitness features that help develop good and healthy habits in your children.
  • If you want to call your kid and know about their whereabouts, you can connect your phone to this watch.
  • The waterproof smartwatch for kids is very easy to charge so your kid will never have a problem in that regard.
  • You can only purchase it online.