Weight Loss Patch Review: Do They Really Work?

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Weight Loss Patch Reviews: Do They Really Work? 2024
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The article analyzes weight loss patches that claim to burn fat, curb appetite, and boost metabolism. It reviews the clinical evidence, ingredients, real customer reviews, safety issues, and potential side effects associated with popular patch brands like Slimdiet Patch, Slimming Belly Patch, and NutriBlast Patch. While some customers report modest effects for hunger and energy levels, overall the review finds limited evidence that weight loss patches lead to significant fat loss for most people.


  1. Convenience of patches
  2. Mild appetite suppression
  3. Works for some

Losing weight and getting in shape is a constant struggle for many people. With so many fad diets and “miracle” products out there, it can be tough to separate fact from fiction.

One of the latest weight loss trends is slimming patches – stick-on patches that claim to help you shed excess pounds through transdermal delivery of natural substances and extracts.

Weight loss patch manufacturers make bold claims about the benefits of their products:

  • Effortlessly lose weight without changing your diet
  • Reduce food cravings and appetite
  • Boost metabolism to burn more calories
  • Target stubborn fat in specific problem areas

But are these patches legit – or just another gimmick? Do they actually help you lose weight safely and effectively?

In this comprehensive review, we’ll dig into the clinical research, ingredients used, customer reviews, and potential side effects of the most popular weight loss patch brands on the market:

  • Slimdiet Patch
  • Slimming Belly Patch
  • NutriBlast Patch
  • and more

How Do Weight Loss Patches Work?

Unlike pills that must be digested and absorbed internally, weight loss patches deliver active ingredients directly through the skin. This transdermal delivery system allows the compounds to enter the bloodstream without having to go through the digestive system.

Most weight loss patches use a hydrogel adhesive pad as the base. This pad contains extracts of natural substances purported to help with weight loss, such as:

  • Fucus vesiculosus – This edible brown seaweed is a source of fucoxanthin, a compound that may encourage fat burning.
  • Garcinia cambogia – Derived from a tropical fruit, garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which may inhibit fat production and suppress appetite.
  • Green tea extract – The caffeine and EGCG in green tea may mildly boost metabolism and fat burning.
  • Hoodia gordonii – This succulent plant native to Africa contains hoodia glycosides that are claimed to curb hunger.

By delivering these active ingredients through the skin, weight loss patches aim to produce the following effects:

  • Reduce appetite and food cravings so you naturally eat less
  • Increase fat burning, especially in problem areas like the belly, thighs and arms
  • Provide an energy boost to make it easier to be active
  • Speed up metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day

However, despite these claims from patch manufacturers, what do the clinical studies actually show about how well they work? Let’s take a look.

Are Weight Loss Patches Effective?

With bold claims of easy and rapid weight loss, it’s important to look at the actual evidence on whether weight loss patches deliver results.

Overview of Clinical Research

Unfortunately, there have been very few rigorous clinical trials conducted specifically on popular weight loss patch brands. Most have not been subjected to placebo-controlled studies published in reputable journals.

Some small studies show modest effects:

  • A 2001 study of 30 participants found those using a fucoxanthin-containing patch lost 5.5 lbs over 6 weeks, compared to no weight loss for the placebo group.
  • A 2007 study of 176 Korean women found a significant reduction in body fat for the group using seaweed-extract patches, compared to placebo.

However, other trials show no benefit:

  • A 2000 study on a “Slim Form Patch” containing algae and plant extracts found no difference in hunger, body weight or body fat compared to placebo patch.
  • A 2001 study on a chitosan patch noted no significant change in weight loss or body fat compared to placebo.

Overall, the limited clinical evidence has been mixed and inconclusive regarding weight loss patches. There’s certainly no definitive proof they produce dramatic slimming effects.

Customer Reviews

Looking beyond clinical trials at customer reviews paints a similar picture.

On Amazon, some weight loss patches like Slimdiet Patch have reviews stating:

  • Helped curb appetite and snack cravings
  • Provided a boost of energy
  • Led to modest weight loss over several weeks

However, many other comments report no effects even after using a whole month’s supply of patches consistently.

The consensus seems to be that results vary widely from person to person. Some experience a mild benefit, while others feel no impact at all.

Reviews of Popular Weight Loss Patch Brands

Now that we’ve looked at the overall efficacy of weight loss patches, let’s review some of the top selling patch brands to get a better idea of their claims, ingredients, and real-world results.

Slimdiet Patch

Slimdiet Patch is one of the most widely available weight loss patch brands online. It makes bold claims about its ability to help you shed unwanted pounds.

How It Works: Slimdiet Patch claims to reduce appetite, increase fat burning, boost energy levels, and speed up metabolism to promote weight loss.

Key Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia, guarana, zinc pyruvate, lecithin, L-carnitine

Reviews & Results: Customer reviews on sites like Amazon suggest Slimdiet Patch may provide a modest benefit:

“I have been using the Slimdiet Patch for 3 weeks now and I have to say my appetite has gone down. I don’t snack as much between meals.”

“Gives me more energy during my workouts and helps control appetite a bit. Have lost around 5 lbs in 6 weeks.”

However, not all reviews are positive:

“These patches did absolutely nothing for me even after using them for a month straight. Don’t waste your money.”

Cost: $39.99 for a 1 month supply (30 patches)

Overall, Slimdiet Patch may support very mild weight loss, but claims seem overhyped based on customer feedback.

Slimming Belly Patch

Slimming Belly Patch claims to specifically target belly fat and slim the waistline.

How It Works: These patches promise to burn belly fat, reduce bloating, suppress appetite, boost metabolism, and tighten and firm the midsection.

Key Ingredients: Bladderwrack Seaweed, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine

Reviews & Results: Reviews seem slightly more positive than average:

“I’ve seen a noticeable reduction in belly bloat and slimming of my waist after using these patches. They also give me an energy boost.”

“These are decent for curbing appetite. I think they help a little with belly fat but you still need proper diet and exercise.”

However, some people report no benefits:

“Did not see any change in belly fat or appetite suppression. Waste of money in my opinion.”

Cost: $29.99 for a 1 month supply (30 patches)

While Slimming Belly Patch may provide mild effects for some, it likely will not lead to dramatic waistline shrinking for most customers.

NutriBlast Patch

NutriBlast Patch is marketed as an easy way to “blast away fat” without having to exercise or diet.

How It Works: These patches claim to help NutriBlast rapidly burn fat, suppress hunger, increase energy, and boost metabolism to support weight loss.

Key Ingredients: Garcinia Cambogia, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea Extract, Vitamin B12

Reviews & Results: The customer reviews for NutriBlast Patch are more negative than most:

“I tried this product for a whole month and saw zero results. Don’t waste your money like I did!”

“This product is a scam. The patches did absolutely nothing for me. They fall off easily anyways.”

However, a few had modest success:

“Helped me lose a few pounds when combined with a good diet and exercise routine.”

Cost: $39.99 for a 1 month supply (30 patches)

While some reviewers report slight appetite suppression, NutriBlast does not appear to live up to its overblown claims for most customers.

Are Weight Loss Patches Safe?

With many weight loss patches being marketed as “natural”, it’s easy to assume they must be safe. But do transdermal slimming patches actually pose any health risks?

Unfortunately, the FDA does not regulate these products or evaluate their safety. And few high quality studies exist looking at potential adverse effects. However, there are some possible safety concerns to be aware of:

  • Medication interactions – Some patch ingredients like green tea extract may interact with certain prescription medications. It’s important to consult your doctor before using them.
  • Allergic reactions – The adhesives can lead to skin irritation, rashes, or itching in people with sensitivities. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs.
  • Unknown long-term effects – Without thorough testing, the consequences of prolonged use are uncertain. It’s best to limit patch use to short durations.
  • Unsafe for pregnant women – Weight loss products carry risks for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Patches should be avoided in these cases.

While any serious side effects appear to be rare, it’s recommended to use weight loss patches with caution under a doctor’s supervision, especially if you have any underlying health conditions.

Final Verdict: Should You Try Weight Loss Patches?

After reviewing the clinical evidence, analyzing ingredients, and looking at customer experiences, what’s the final verdict on weight loss patches? Are they worth purchasing or just another fad?


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Avoid digestive side effects common with pills
  • Some natural ingredients like green tea are mildly beneficial
  • Can provide modest appetite suppression
  • May give an energy boost


  • No rigorous proof they lead to significant weight loss
  • Results seem to vary widely between individuals
  • Effects are typically mild at best
  • Expensive compared to other supplements
  • Lack of FDA oversight and potential safety risks
  • Many overstate claims with hype

Overall, while some people may find weight loss patches offer minor benefits, they do not appear to be a miracle cure or replacement for improved diet and increased exercise. For most customers, the high costs outweigh the modest, inconsistent results.

However, patches containing safe ingredients like green tea extract can be reasonably tried in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle for potential slight effects. Just don’t expect dramatic, rapid slimming.

Talk to your doctor first before trying weight loss patches, especially if you take any chronic medications or have underlying health conditions. And be prepared that they may not work at all. Given the costs, it may be wiser to focus your efforts on more proven weight loss strategies first before resorting to alternative aids like patches.

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