What are the benefits of a pre-employment drug test for your health?

Employee retention rates are improved by pre-employment drug testing. Employees who are drug-free are healthier and are less likely to miss work unexpectedly. The productivity of a drug-free workplace is higher, and the profitability of a drug-free workplace is greater.

Drug testing is mandatory for those in law enforcement and government transportation, but even unrelated businesses can benefit from the process. Workplaces should be productive and safe spaces for employees. The situation can quickly become dangerous when employees arrive at work high on illegal drugs. The presence of aggressive employees can negatively affect morale and productivity even if they don’t commit crimes or call in sick regularly.

Many companies are implementing pre-employment drug testing for new employees and testing current employees due to these issues. The better you identify drug users, the better your chances of maintaining a safe workplace.

Worker’s Compensation Claims and Lawsuits

As a result of failing to provide a safe working environment, your business may be liable for accidents caused by drug use. If you require your potential employees to undergo pre-employment drug testing, you can identify those who pose a threat to their own and others’ safety, protecting your company from damaging lawsuits.

Workers’ compensation covers medical bills and lost wages if they are injured on the job. The injured employee may not be entitled to benefits if you can prove that they are drug users and that is likely to have caused the accident. Your company can benefit from this.

If you fire an employee who fails a drug test, know that the test proves that the termination was justified. You may be able to avoid an expensive lawsuit if you do this.

Testing at random is often a deterrent

By randomly testing for drugs, you can ensure the safety of your business environment. Workers might think twice about using it if they know they could be disciplined or terminated at any time. It is hoped they will make the right decision if they have to choose between their livelihood and recreational drug use.

Reducing employee turnover

As a result of their inability to perform their duties at work, many drug users end up being fired or quitting their jobs. Finding new workers to replace them costs your business money. If you conduct a pre-employment drug test on applicants, you’ll ensure you hire reliable employees and decrease turnover.

Treatment Can Be Facilitated by Testing

Employees who test positive for illegal substances may be tempted to be fired immediately. There are, however, some employers who help their employees enter treatment centres. Their approach is compassionate rather than punitive. It may also be possible for these companies to provide resources to the families of employees who have drug problems.

Consider Edge Information Management if you want to improve morale and productivity at your workplace while reducing crime and accidents. In order to hire reliable and efficient workers and filter out those who could end up costing you money, we can idrugscreen.com walk you through the pre-employment drug testing process.

Safety is promoted by it.

A regular workplace drug test promotes safety first and foremost. Regular drug testing reduces the likelihood of employees committing offenses. Consequently, accidents are reduced due to fewer impaired workers. 

You may experience different effects from drugs depending on your industry. If workers use drugs at work, they may suffer serious consequences, such as injuries.

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