1. You Drink Too Much Water

Simple math. If, before going to bed at night, you drank 75cl water (3 glasses) for example, it is exactly 750 grams. If you drink too much water and weigh yourself when you have not yet "finished" it, it is normal for the scale to indicate a higher number than you expected. We should not worry about this or stop drinking water, you may have lost it during the first hour of the morning!

2. You Hit The Gym Really Hard

If you have gained a lot of weight yesterday, you may be a little disappointed in gaining weight. Why? Lifting weights can cause small tears in the muscle tissue. As these tissues try to heal themselves, muscles can retain extra fluid to help with this process. Normally, this effect usually lasts no more than a day or two, but it is worth it when you see how you gain strength!

3. The Night Before You Ate Too Much

The reason is quite clear, but it must be mentioned. If you eat a whole package of potato chips or pizza and drink too much margarita, you will gain weight temporarily because your body decides where to put that food. If it has no place to go, the body can store it in fat stores. But don't worry, a crazy night doesn't mean permanent weight gain.

4. Your Sodium Levels Are Higher Than Normal

If you have too much sodium in your menu the day before, you may feel heavy the next day. Sodium causes water retention. Foods such as frozen foods, soy sauce, or processed meats are high in sodium. Drink a few extra glasses of water to help your system eliminate excess sodium from your body. This may contradict the first point, but we must keep in mind that the weight gained by retaining water will not last long.

5. Too Many Carbohydrates The Day Before

It is very important for our body to maintain a balanced diet and eat all kinds of food to get all those vitamins. If you ate cereal for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and pasta for dinner, you are likely to gain some weight the next day. Like sodium, carbohydrates cause fluid retention. If you want to lose that extra water weight, stick to a low carbohydrate diet the next day (lean meats and fresh vegetables) and the weight will disappear without you knowing.

6. You Didn't Go To The Bathroom Properly

Not going to the bathroom properly the day before can add one or two kilos to the scale. Make sure you always weigh yourself in these situations: before breakfast and after going to the bathroom.

7. Premenstrual Syndrome

Hormones in our body also play an important role in our weight.

Before menstruation, the body can also retain water, depending on the scale of weight gain. The best way to deal with this is to drink plenty of water and eat healthy. In any case, after the menopause, these symptoms go away.

Remember that if you have doubts you can always trust us and we will help you in any way we can.