Steps to follow:

  1. The food you eat is very important, the more fatty foods you eat, the fatter your face will be. You should also avoid carbohydrates such as bread, cakes, etc. Eat all these foods in moderation and you will start to see big changes. Thus, it is important that we follow a balanced diet according to our lifestyle. In addition to including all kinds of foods, their caloric power should be in accordance with our physical exercise.
  2. Aerobic exercise is also important, it helps to burn body fat, including the face. It will be important for you to be consistent when performing exercises, otherwise they will not be effective. We also recommend that you consult our article on how much exercise you need to do to burn fat and thus plan your time.
  3. Facial exercises will tone and strengthen the facial muscles. They will complete the aerobic exercises and you will be able to lose weight fast. It is also important to keep your face hydrated to prevent premature wrinkles and facial wrinkles.
  4. The practice of lowering the cheeks or cheeks is to make movements with your mouth as if you are sucking on straw or straw or drinking directly, while doing this exercise while sucking water, juice or any other beverage. of the. Do this for 3 minutes and repeat 20 times. The same exercise is done unconsciously during smoking, which is why most smokers have sunken cheeks.
  5. Another ideal exercise to thin the face and eliminate the double chin is to bring the head back, until this part is stretched well, press this part with your hands and slide downwards. You should repeat this exercise 20 times.
  6. A smile is a great exercise for slimming the face, you should smile exaggeratedly and keep that smile for 3 seconds and come back to the starting position. You should repeat this exercise 25 times.
  7. The double chin can also be reduced by placing the tongue under the roof of the mouth and pushing hard for 2 seconds. This exercise works the jaw muscles, you can repeat it 20 times in daily activities.
  8. Another way you can try to lose weight at home is to use a face mask made from natural products such as oats, yogurt, and honey. To be more effective, you should do a circular massage while applying the mask and thus prevent the skin from getting irritated.