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Why Windows 10 sucks

Finding its way to the PC world in 2015, Windows 10 was a massive launch and arrival in the market. At that time, this OS was mainly new based on the Windows NT family and released by none other than Microsoft. When it comes to the most highlighted features of Windows 10, it was its support for the universal app available through Windows.

However, in recent years, Windows 10 lost his fame and charm, and we have got so many complaints around it.

While Windows 10 is routinely developing and advancing with new features, applications, and enhancements, a few things are not all that good. We are doing whatever it takes not to be sticklers, yet there is something other than a couple of things that Microsoft could change or improve Windows 10. A portion of our objections is little, while others are huge. We use Windows 10 day by day, we compose numerous articles about it, and we acknowledge what we can do with it. In any case, numerous individuals imagine that Windows 10 sucks and all things considered.

Many users are now saying that Windows 10 sucks. In this article, we will find the reasons why Windows 10 sucks and the issue behind that is holding Windows lovers back. Now, without wasting any other time, let’s dig into the top reasons why Windows 10 sucks.

15 Reasons Why Windows 10 Sucks

1. Inferior Quality OS with loaded with bloatware

Before starting even about Bloatware in an OS, let’s first discuss what bloatware is?

Most computers do not just come with an operating system installed but a wide variety of extra software. These may include security programs, CD and DVD burning utilities, basic graphics viewers and editors, multimedia software, trial games, and more. Besides this essential software, the installed web browser may also come with a toolbar or two for quick access to various search engines.

While some appreciate this included software, treating it as a “free bonus” when purchasing a computer, others prefer a cleaner machine, free of external applications and utilities. Thus, some have labeled this pre-installed software as “bloatware,” calling it such because they feel the software is excessive and “fills up” the computer’s hard drive and processing power prematurely.

In simple, we can say that al the pre-installed applications in your OS and taking a whole lot of space or not, are bloatware. Such apps slow down your PC and eat up your device batter and affect overall device performance. This is the best example that anyone can take on bloatware.

On comparable grounds, Windows 10 is likewise stacked with this undesirable trash. When you get your hands on this product, ordinary human desires are that it will be perfect; and just with certain fundamentals to begin from, which can be tweaked by our impulses and likes, however, Windows 10 flops here horrendously. The OS is pressed with stupid stuff that occupies space and is of no utilization to us. These Apps are generally match-ups, which hold a lot of space and, besides, hamper the general execution of your PC or Laptop. This is one significant explanation, with regards to why Windows 10 sucks.

2. Paid Version Shows Ads all over the Place

Have you over noticed that Microsoft adopted a smart way to show the advertisements in Windows 10? From time to time, one can see these ads on the start of Windows, lock screen, or while strolling in the taskbar area. And the cherry on top, now these ads started to show in the notification bar as well as in File Explorer. What’s up with that? Why we are paying such a premium price for Windows 10 if we only got ads everywhere.

Everyone hates seeing these ads, don’t you? If you want to find how to stop these ads, keep following us. We are going to update an article around that really soon. Till then, continue reading “Why Windows 10 sucks.”

3. Unavailability of Quality Updates.

Quality updates are a significant concern of any OS user because it is the only way for a user’s system to stay intact. When it comes to updates around windows 10. Microsoft has seemed to have taken the wrong way or a step back. We can count several blunders and flaws on fingers in the recent updates of Windows 10. This is more of a wrecker than a problem solver. So far, we have seen that each update in windows 10 brings new problems rather than solving the old ones. It seems that there is nobody in Microsoft that is putting ears on users’ demands. That’s why windows 10 sucks.

It’s an endless loop of things going down and afterward up and afterward down once more. Some bizarre things occur after these updates. At times, the Bluetooth symbol vanishes while on different finishes, the taskbar vanishes. Mainer occasions, the screen goes clear, and at times, the gadget doesn’t move an inch to work. It’s funny because this sets everything straight on its own only for another issue to happen.

4. Privacy Handling isn’t Great

Like Facebook, Google, or any other major company that calls your privacy their primary concern, Microsoft is the opposite. Windows 10 is packed with privacy flaws and wear and tears that leave it behind its competitors. Windows 10 does not fully indulge in all the privacy-related matters, so you never know what is going on. This is because all the data in Windows 10 is gathered with some switches and turned on Microsoft’s default in Windows 10.

What number of individuals do you realize who see every one of these switches and settings, and would try to experience all the pieces from the Settings application or the Windows 10 arrangement to get the most private client experience conceivable?

5. No More HomeGroup Feature

If we recall one of the best features of Windows 10, HomeGroup was one of them. With the assistance of this tool, we could share documents in and across gadgets effectively with no problem, and its straightforward interface was additionally worth the appreciation. But, sadly, this tool was ended. Presently if you are pondering concerning why this thing even occurred, the official explanation for this is the advancement of OneDrive.

The best part about HomeGroup was that we could impart documents to one another utilizing the nearby systems accessible in and around us. Yet, after it was evacuated by Windows 10 and supplanted with different devices, numerous clients were really vexed, and we get why. Why Windows 10 sucks is the not question, however, why has it become how it is ought to be replied in detail now.

6. Control Panel Vs Settings

Although Microsoft tried to show its creativity on Windows 10 to make it more user-centric and user engaged, all the efforts are for nothing because all the things are now quite complicated and goofing up day by day to make it even worse. Even the basic functionalities now require extreme knowledge of Windows 10 to operate it smoothly. First of all, to fix the comprehensibility and make it contact high with the goal that clients can get to and get their hands over their gadgets effectively, Windows 10 has been updated and revamped from numerous viewpoints.

Presently, over the shelter, this has become a revile as essential capacities have been under the objective of unfortunate behavior. Essential features and devices that are accessible in the Control Panel are not evident in the Settings Panel, and there are a lot of techniques and systems we have to follow to get to our ideal goal. Is this what we pursued? We trust you comprehend why Windows 10 sucks and why Microsoft needs to chip away at this earliest opportunity.

7. The New Normal Mode is Safe Mode

Before digging into Safe mode vs Normal mode of windows 10, first, let’s find what a safe mode is?

At times it’s hard to get rid of specific programs when booted normally. In safe system mode, these can be removed from the system. Most of the time, these are virus and spyware issues that need to be taken off the machine while not booted normally. It helps the computer get its momentum back while not poking with unwanted complications, expectations, and repairing tools.

Microsoft has put the Safe Mode in the Settings Panel out of all the accessible spots on its PC. Truly, the most helpful and straightforward strategy to get your hands-on Safe Mode is really through Settings.

Yes, there are different strategies also where we can interfere with the working of our PC multiple times in succession to get it in Safe Mode. However, there is no point here. On the other hand, we can likewise accomplish a protected mode by embeddings a reinforcement drive USB and afterward getting into the path of activity.

8. It’s Dream to Hands-on Different Themes and Visual Elements

If you to be a popular Operating System and a successful one at that, the design is vital. But Unfortunately, Windows 10 does not focus on the design department for quite a time. Some of the most highly promoted features of Windows 7 were new shortcuts designed for managing windows. These cool, new tricks include Snap and Shake. But all these features are missing in Windows 10.

Like many users, we also applaud the presence of virtual desktops, but the absence of choosing the theme of your choice and having the experience of visual elements is still a dream. We are not denying the fact that having a virtual desktop in Windows 10 is a great deal. But still, something is missing, something that gives users the freedom to customize each user’s choice of its own to make its desktop custom.

If someone can customize desktop looks as per his/her need and better placement of content, the productivity rate will go the miles up. Also, we have choices cut the dullness and give our eyes a new view to look over, which, likewise, improves our working experience. Albeit, countless clients have scrutinized this subject, and we trust that Microsoft gives us amazement in one of its updates, yet till at that point, it is a mistake.

9. Outdated and Failed Design

Why Windows 10 sucks? One of the primary reasons is its design. If you compare it with any other OS or program’s structure, you will find it cluttered and unorganized for no reason.

Adding more to its inadequacy, the measure of irregularity in its UI justifies itself with real evidence. Directly from its functionalities to its styling designs, everything is conflicting, making it baffling. There is no consistency in its plan and introduction, which is an articulate dissatisfaction and sucks.

Microsoft is also working day and night to replace its Metro Design with Fluent Designing Patterns. But the problem is here that both designs are entirely different, and combining these two will create a whole new challenge. Another problem with Windows 10 is its design menu. As Microsoft is pushing four different lists for everything, keeping track of the right one is a significant problem and tricky for new users.

10. File Explorer Navigation

As you may know, File Explorer permits you to pick the way of its opening and select the ideal area as its beginning point. Be that as it may, as smooth it sounds, there is a significant disadvantage here. You can pick between two alternatives, which is This Pc and Quick Access.

It would have been exceptional if Microsoft had made this element adaptable with the goal that the client can actually pick the ideal area they wish to and not merely shuffle between the two apparent alternatives.

11. No Option for Resizing

Have you noticed that resizing with menus and playing around in the Start Menu gives users a lot of freedom to set each icon as per his/her own choice? But there isn’t everything right about it.

Windows 10 does not allow you to resize all the menus in the list of Start Menu. There isn’t anything that you can do to change or resize it somehow. We have to deal with it being Windows 10 users. No options for customization are the many reasons why Windows 10 sucks.

12. Cortana

Cortana could have been dazzling. In any case, she understands and imparts in two or three lingos. Whether or not Microsoft ensured that Cortana would progress and learn new lingos after some time, that didn’t happen as fast as it should have.

It similarly doesn’t infer that the non-supported countries should have been abstained from picking up permission to Cortana. A standard procedure would have been for Microsoft to make Cortana available for anyone on the planet, whether or not she talked merely English.

13. Start Menu Sync Issue

Back in the days, Windows 10 used to sync the Start Menu in multiple devices, but that is not the case anymore. With Windows 10, we have lost this feature to make it even worse and complain worthy.

If they want to improvise it or want to update it from scratch, they will do it, but rather than that, they opt for the way to drop it entirely. That is also a reason why Windows 10 sucks.

14. Junky Installations

Have you used Windows 10 right after installation? If yes, you have noticed the junk and mess in terms of scrambled apps and their placements. To find an app of use, you need to go in the rabbit hole to find its existence. Microsoft needs to improvise it.

15.Unknown Backend Processes

Windows 10 has a past filled with undesirable procedures running and making unusual and unaccounted file passages in its framework log. This has been the situation since perpetually and work date, nobody has had the option to arrange the genuine explanation for this oddness.

At the point when you introduce an outside App, dominatingly, there must be a messed up piece that follows alongside it, and also, you need to do it once more for it to work appropriately. This is why Windows 10 sucks for sure and has enormous issues with its working instruments that should be fixed and dealt with.

Conclusion: Why Windows 10 sucks?

If you ever wished that you still had a Windows computer so that you could still run some of your old Windows programs, unfortunately, you can’t do it anymore.

With the latest updates and functionalities, Microsoft made things a loss worse for the users when it comes to customization and everything.

That’s all for now. We are hopeful that we have addressed this issue in the right way. Now it is your time to add value in this article “Why Windows 10 sucks?” by liking it and sharing it on your social platforms. You can also tell us in the comments section below what ambiguities you have faced in Windows 10. And what do you want from Microsoft to put in Windows 10 in the next update?

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